Ready or not…..

September 10, 2012

Change is all around us and everyone is feeling it, whether they can verbalize the sense of unrest inside of them or not.  It is like we are all poised on the edge of a diving board, ready to make the leap into the blue, but are waiting for just the right moment to align with the universe.  How will we know that moment?  We will know when it is time for action because we will act……there will be no hesitation, no planning or deliberation, just the feeling that what we are doing in the moment is right.  Ask anyone you know that has made a major change in their life recently how that change came about.  I believe most of them will say the moment/opportunity presented itself and they just went with it.  Maybe it was quitting a job, or a relationship, maybe it was time to make that out of state move or reconnecting with someone, but it just happened because it was time for it to happen.  So make your plans, but be ready for the moment, and be willing to dive into the blue…….

Happy Monday….

The start of a new week, filled with promise and ideas.  I am willing to have an agenda, but also willing to go and do what feels right in the moment, to not be boxed in by expectations or pictures about what “should” be happening.  In this way I create freedom of movement so the energy may shift for my highest good and bring miracles and opportunities!

Namaste, as always…..

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